CODE WHITE delivers continuous red teaming, penetration testing and threat intelligence to enterprises


In addition to our perspective as Service Provider, we also have years of experience working on the customer side.

The Big Picture

We do not limit our evaluation to individual systems, but instead base our assessment on the holistic threat level of your organization based on your risk profile.


We are vendor independent and specialize in recommending specific measures that are tried and tested, to result in a significant improvement of IT Security in your organization.


  • Attack on critical company assets

    The classic cyber-attack on an organization is aimed at the IT Infrastructure. The typical approach of an attacker is a step wise expansion within the corporate network, until full control of the organization’s infrastructure has been gained.

    The motivation is often criminal business interests, but can also be cyberactivism.

  • Attack on Products

    The vulnerability of products is also increased, particularly due to the increasing degree of connectivity. The technologies used in this case are often simpler than in the traditional IT field, making the possibility of tampering through outsiders more probable. By taking into account the basic IT security rules, this probability can be greatly reduced.

  • State Sponsored Attacks

    Most countries currently have their own cyber units, not only to defend themselves from cyber-attacks, but also to obtain relevant information to support the local economy. This kind of attack cannot be completely prevented. However, it is possible to protect individual information in such a way that the access by external parties is completely blocked.

Our Solutions

  • Security Intelligence Service

    We simulate regular cyber-attacks in order to identify the gaps in your network. From these findings, we will develop, together with you, sustainable and continuous improvement measures of your IT Security strategy. We will ensure that these protective measures focus on areas that effectively improve your individual risk situation.

  • Penetration Testing

    Due to our extensive expertise in analyzing various technologies, we have the capability to evaluate and identify weaknesses in both complex IT Systems, as well as in various industrial appliances related to vehicles and other embedded systems.

  • Strategic Consulting

    We work with you to analyze your critical business assets and, on the basis of their vulnerabilities, we develop a tailored IT Security strategy for you. In this way, we can ensure that your most sensitive assets are really more secure.

  • Implementation Consulting

    We support you in the implementation of the IT Strategy by working with you to come up with concrete solutions on how to achieve the planned targets. Through our continuous support services, we ensure the further development of the strategy and its synchronous implementation, thereby resulting in a continuous improvement process.

CODE WHITE – Intelligence Driven Security

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Through the comprehensive analysis of your threat situation, we are in a position to provide you tailored and independent suggestions to optimize your IT Security strategy. With our approach, we help you to effectively protect against cyber-attacks on your IT systems.

Initial Assessment

We work together with you to evaluate your individual security requirements on the basis of your risk appetite. In addition to a comprehensive analysis of your threat situation, we will provide you information on if and how an attacker can breach your organization and how he can steal or manipulate your valuable corporate assets. You will receive strategic recommendations from us on how you can protect yourself effectively from these cyber-attacks. The advantage of our approach is you have to implement exactly those measures that contribute to an actual and verifiable improvement of your security level.

Security Intelligence Service

Security is not a one-time event, but rather a process. We simulate regular cyber-attacks and observe the IT security field for new threats that could be relevant to you. With this information, we can keep you continuously informed and capable of acting quickly and effectively. Through our extensive expertise, we can attack your productive environment, without compromising your operational stability.

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